Ceemacs Solar Installation

Ceemacs Electrical are an accredited solar grid designer and installer, and are importers of solar street park and pathway lights (including poles).

We import, supply and install photo voltaic arrays, solar smart controllers, battery chargers, the latest long life battery source. For full details on our range of Solar Grid services, please read on.

It’s Time To Go Green With Solar Grid Connect.

With electricity prices soaring, worries about the global warming at the fore, and carbon footprints being watched more intensively, there has never been a better time to ‘Go Green’ by harnessing the power of solar.

Ceemacs Electrical can handle all supply and installation work from project planning through to handover of commissioned systems which includes network systems if required.

Solar systems in all forms in conjunction with long life low energy LED lamps create short term payback opportunities after capital outlay usually in less than three years – think of the long term cost savings!

Ceemacs Electrical provide our solar services to clients across the whole of the Perth Metro area, including all the major business districts including Fremantle, Victorial Park, Perth City, Osborne Park and right through to Malaga, Balcatta and Joondalup. This means that no matter where you are, we have your solar solutions covered.

Contact the Grid Solar team at Ceemacs Electrical today to see how we can help you further.

Solar Power Projects We Are Involved With

  • NOVA lane solar lighting for the town of Cambridge
  • Black spot solar lighting for the city of Cottesloe
  • Remote area rail crossings for solar failsafe trials
  • City of Sydney park light trials
  • Solar Grid feedback systems
  • National lifestyle villages
  • Public and private schools grid systems through the solar for schools federal grant program
  • Domestic one kilowatt systems during the federal program to June 18 2010

Solar Powered Street Lighting

We also import and have exclusivity in Australia with two Chinese manufacturers for light emitting diodes or LED lights for street, commercial, domestic and government opportunities. Please see our LED Street Lighting page for full details.

Our lights are approved we have NATA certification and photo metric files in both CIE or IES format.

It should be noted that all street lights in Australia must meet AS1158 in order to be installed on any Australian road system including parks, pathways, tunnels, minor streets, laneways, highways and freeways.

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